Test Ready?

Your observer will let you know when they think you’re ready to go on your test ride. The observer will be looking for you to consistently offer a legal, safe, systematic, and smooth ride, ridden at appropriate speeds. You’ll be put forward to go on a mock test with our dedicated Check Ride observer who will either recommend you apply for the test, or do a bit more work with your observer.

When Test Ready: Booking Your Test

There are various methods of booking your test. Please note that it is your responsibility to book, your observer will not do this on your behalf.

The quicker route:

The fastest route: phone IAM RoadSmart on 0300 303 1134, and ask them to book your test. You’ll need your IAM RoadSmart number.

Slightly slower:

You can book your test on the IAM RoadSmart website.

Once you’ve booked the examiner will contact you to arrange a convenient time and place to meet.

Passed Your Test?

The committee would like to present you with a certificate and a Green Badge at the next Club Night. Please let your observer know that you’re going (who, in turn, should tell the Membership Secretary).

Go on some group rides to consolidate your learning, and then consider something further such as Solent Advanced Plus.