What are Group Rides?

Group Rides are social events and are an ideal opportunity to practice your Advanced Riding Skills. Whether you are an Associate still learning the System, or if you have already passed your Advanced Test, group rides offer the chance to hone your skills to perfection in preparation for the Fellowship test or any further training you may wish to undertake, eg IAM RoadSmart Solent Advanced Plus.

Group rides are an opportunity to explore new roads, find great cafes, and ride with people who are of a similar riding standard. They also present a perfect opportunity to those new to Advanced Riding to pick up tips from other Associates and from more experienced Members. It is perfectly permissible to ask any Observers on the ride whether they would be willing to offer informal comment on your ride.

IAM RoadSmart Solent Group Rides are categorised by Ride Levels which provide an indication of the type of roads to be ridden, the length of the ride, its technicality and suitability for the ride for participants, eg Associates or Full Members.

Group Rides are conducted in accordance with the IAM RoadSmart Group Ride Policy.