Thruxton Slow Riding Level 1

291 days since its last outing, Slow Riding reappeared at Thruxton on the 10th July. It was an auspicious start as the picture below shows.

Yes, it was wet! But, it didn’t dampen the spirits or early enthusiasm of those attending. After all, to Advanced Riders, rain is just another thing to deal with and skin is waterproof, so with a turnout of 22 the MDU did an early trade in tea and coffee.

Those early smiles and anticipation weren’t quite so apparent after the demonstrations were completed by Alec and once the exercises started there was that usual mix of either smiles or frustrated furrowed brows. But, as the first 30 minutes ticked by, it was great to see how “lightbulb moments” came and the number of furrowed brows disappeared, and smiles were back again. Two sessions were completed, and the 30 minute break allowed bikes to cool down and riders to swap experiences and devour cake, kindly brought along by Mr Merchandise, Bob Elliott.

We had a bit of an audience too as a few observers with nothing better to do on a Saturday morning (Or maybe to get out of doing jobs at home) were there, all able to give their associates a moral boost.

After the break, the rain started to abate, and Rui was down to shorts and short-sleeved shirt, and he carried on managing the 20m slowest rider challenge in his inimitable way; talking about all sorts as he walked alongside the rider. 

All too soon the session was over, and with the sun threatening to come through, it proved the perfect end to a good morning of practicing a skill that is all too often overlooked.