ERDE 310 Motorcycle Trailer

Erde 310, this is an un-braked, single rail motorcycle trailer, constructed of galvanised steel, it is able to carry a single motorbike up to a maximum weight of 240kg. 

With a low ground clearance of just 38cm it gives the trailer a low centre of gravity, this makes it very stable on the road and well balanced, so it tows very well (I use a 1600 diesel). 

I have added a marine ply platform on the left hand side, this really makes loading and unloading easier, it also lets you use the bike’s side stand while you sort the straps out (straps not included). 

The ramp is included and is fitted with high-grip non-slip tape so that the wheels will not slide even when wet. 

For ease of use the centre section of the light board, that holds the number plate, folds down allowing the loading ramp to be fitted. 

The trailer also features 6 integrated securing loops so that you can safely strap your bike to the trailer. 

The tyre gulley is wide enough for a 190 rear tyre. 

All the lights and electrics are wired in and in full working order. 

Please note: this has a 7 pin connector. 

£385. Cash on collection. 

Postcode SP11 7ND 

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