IAM RoadSmart Solent have a large thriving club, with ride-outs arranged for most weekends, club nights where guest speakers – and often demonstrations of kit, bikes, etc. – are invited, and other ad-hoc affairs to keep our members on the road practicing their skills acquired from when they achieved their green badge (or are even working towards it).


We hold an open morning where you can have a free observed ride with a qualified IAM RoadSmart Observer. SolentSunday is held on the first Sunday of each month, March through to November.

Club Nights

Our thriving club meet on the second Tuesday of each Month, throughout the year. Watch for a change in location in the summer where we may take advantage of daylight in the evenings for BBQs, demo rides and other great activities.

Group Rides

Group Rides are social events and are an ideal opportunity to practice your Advanced Riding Skills. Whether you are an Associate still learning the System, or if you have already passed your Advanced Test, group rides offer the chance to hone your skills to perfection in preparation for the Fellowship test or any further training you may wish to undertake, eg IAM RoadSmart Solent Advanced Plus.

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Where we meet

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