Links and Docs

This page gives you links and documents that relate to the administration of the club. Some documents are available from other pages, but all (including those) may be found on this page too.

Offline Forms and other Documents

Solent Advanced Motorcyclists Charity Governing Document
Expense Claim Form

Annual General Meetings


Agenda AGM 2019
Committee Roles and Proxy Form 2019


Accounts (Charity Commission) 2018
Minutes AGM 2018
Committee Roles and Proxy Form 2018


Accounts (Social) 2017
Accounts (Charity Commission) 2017
Minutes AGM 2017


Accounts (Social) 2016
Accounts (Charity Commission) 2016
Minutes AGM 2016


Accounts (Social) 2015
Accounts (Charity Commission) 2015
Minutes AGM 2015

Training Collateral

Covid-19 IAM Guidelines on Observed Rides
Associate Charter