Our primary aim is to improve your riding skills and become an IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider by taking the Advanced Rider test.

One-to-one Observed Rides

As an Associate, you will be allocated to an Observer who will work with you to prepare you for the Advanced Rider test. Observed ride sessions are arranged by your Observer, at a time and place that suits you.

Training Sessions

Throughout each year there are a variety of training sessions organised which cover a range of areas all designed to help improve the skills of our Associates and Members. Popular training sessions include Slow Riding (four sessions per year), Roadcraft Theory (two sessions per year) and Garmin workshops covering both route planning and use of the devices. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving road safety in our area we have also run slow riding sessions for local motorcycle groups on request.

Please be aware that most of the events will have a limited number of spaces and operate on a first-come, first-served basis. It is worth noting that priority will always be given to group members who are already working towards a test.

If you have any other ideas about training, please ask as we are all here to help whether you’re at the early stages of becoming an Advanced Rider, or already established and perhaps thinking of a refresher ride.

Slow Riding

Slow Riding helps you to build up your confidence in filtering through traffic and turning in confined spaces. If
you are preparing for the Advanced Rider test these skills will help you meet the test requirements.

The sessions are open to all Group Members and Associates, with Associates under training
being prioritised. It is recommended that all Associates attend these sessions.

We don’t expect you to achieve all the skills in one session, we’ve designed the courses in two: Level One and
Level Two. Level Two consolidates what you’ve already learned in Level One, so we ask that you do that as a
prerequisite for Level Two.

Level 1

Accurate starting and stopping while riding in a straight line and while turning
Techniques for riding while steering from lock to lock
Controlled slow riding … as slowly as you can
Turning through 90 degrees from a standing start and then stopping accurately
The U-turn
Figures of eight, introduced gently and building your confidence until you enjoy them … tighter than you ever
thought you can

Level 2

Controlled braking and steering and U-turns from speed
Slaalom, slowly and at speed
Figure of eight confidence builder
Controlled slow riding beyond distractions
Look, Lean & Roll – preparation for proper bend technique on the road

Roadcraft Theory

We run regular ‘classroom’ sessions on the theory behind Advanced Riding, taking guidance from Motorcycle roadcraft, the police riders’ handbook. Understanding why IPSGA is advocated will aid your thought processing when out on your bike.

Associate Induction

New riders joining the group are encouraged to attend an Associate Induction session which will be run at
Sarisbury Green Community Centre (SGCC) during our regular monthly Sunday Open Sessions. The Associate
Induction covers all areas of the group, what you can expect by being a member of the IAM RoadSmartSolent
group and any additional training that is available for group members.