IAM RoadSmart Solent IAM RoadSmart affiliated road safety group offering advanced motorcycle training in Hampshire, East Dorset, South Wiltshire, and West Sussex.
New look - new web site. Our new web site is under construction  The old web site is still live and we are keeping it up-to-date with information about our activities while we prepare the new one.
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IAM RoadSmart Solent at-a-glance. 434 members. 40 Observers. 25 national Observers. 39 Test passes in 2016
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Advanced rider training. Observed rides. One-to-one training with a highly skilled Observer. Theory classes. Group sessions based on How to be a better rider Motorcycle Roadcraft Highway Code. Slow riding. Two levels of training in a private off-road location
Certificates. IAM RoadSmart. Advanced Rider The ‘Green Badge’ IAM RoadSmart Solent Advanced Plus. Our intermediate riding certificate. IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider Masters. The highest riding qualification available to civilians.
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Newsletter. Our newsletter is packed with articles written by members for members travel stories training information riding tips reviews and recommendations and much more
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